Vegas Pre-Show

the bike's racked, the bags are dropped and all that's left to do is rest the legs and watch a bunch of bad tv. there's no other way to describe the past few days than to say that i have loved every second of it. next weekend is my birthday (quarter-life crisis alert!) so when i originally qualified for this race i decided that i would treat myself for once and go big.

as a result, i took thursday, friday AND monday off from work. i booked a room at a real resort and not my typical $49 roach-motel. I even let myself splurge and buy some fun duds at a handful of very fancy shops in the bellagio and caesar's palace. as they say in vegas, "all in", right?

a few highlights: spotted rinny and tim o. on my connecting flight from DIA to LAS. washed my hands two sinks down from rinny in the airport bathroom. boarded the rental car shuttle bus with them and they were SO INCREDIBLY nice and let me take a photo with them.

i'd later spot them at my hotel and hid around the corner so they wouldn't think i was some sort of crazy stalker.

after a quick shake-out run and splash in the pool (conveniently right next to T2), i spent a little bit of R&R time by the pool. you'll find me here, drink in hand, after the race tomorrow. 20120908-182604.jpg

next morning it was up early (wide awake at 5am thanks to the time switch) so i strolled through the casino and checked out the slot-machine zombies (as someone who has never gambled, i seriously do not get it).

don't think any odds were on the board for vegas 70.3 among the horse-racing and basketball bets:


honestly, i'd rather blow cash on sweet race gear or cute clothes...

speaking of, i checked-in for the race bright and early before passing up the slightly tacky ironman expo gear for some similarly priced (but way way nicer!) shopping over on the strip. 20120908-183453.jpg

got an amazing leather skirt and more cheap sunglasses than anyone could ever possibly need... 20120908-184233.jpg

but this trip was for triathlon and not a shopping spree so i guess i should probably attend that little "mandatory athlete dinner", right? so glad i did because i got to meet fellow rev3 teammate and vegas participant michael (who was also a bit of a celeb with a full-page photo of him decked out in his rev3 kit in the race guide!)

learned a little bit about the course, rules re: drafting and no-passing zones and the need to keep an eye out for turtles crossing the road mid-race (watch out, little guys!)

on my way back to my hotel, i was flagged down by another triathlete who was looking for a ride to his hotel down the road. he was norwegian so i felt extra compelled to show a little southern hospitality while he was in the states! so far my favorite thing about this race has been the various nationalities, languages and accents... reminds me of college! :)

next morning (aka today):

practice swim:yeah!


found out the swimskin i got on bonktown a few months ago was NOT legal: boo

visited the hoover dam: wow!! 20120908-190353.jpg

drove the course: stunning scenery 20120908-190710.jpg

although i rode a bit of the course and WHOA was it windy out there - was up out of the bars gripping like crazy a few times. no turtles on the course but had a narrow miss with a lizard scampering across the road. seriously, STUNNING views. so unlike anything i've ever experienced. 20120908-191306.jpg

then it was OCD triathlete time 20120908-191403.jpg

followed by bag-dropping and bike-racking 20120908-191704.jpg

all ready to go; nothing left to do but resist the fully-stocked mini-bar! ;) 20120908-191916.jpg i hope/know people have better things to do on a sunday (this includes my parents...), but should you like to cheer me on remotely, i'm #1637! hollaaaa!