Devil's Lake (post Rev3 Dells)

So I came for the race and stayed for the fun:

Halfway between the Wis Dells and Madison lies Baraboo and Devil's Lake. I wouldn't have known to drop in here except for the fact that my grandparents met in Baraboo way back when and my dad has plenty of childhood stories about driving on frozen lakes and skiing down ski slopes in blue jeans on visits back to Wisconsin...

Number one spot he said I had to visit was Devil's Lake:

The lake was actually created at the last of the ice age, marking the furthest that glaciers extended down into what is currently the United States. Thanks to the high ridges along the rim of the lake, it makes for pretty swimming in the middle and fun climbing around the outer edge [thank you Penn, for that worthless semester of Geology I was forced to take...]

For all of these photos, we actually scaled about 300ft straight up the following rock pile:

Probably not the best idea the afternoon of a hard and hilly triathlon, but fun nonetheless. Some of these boulders were nearly the size of my mom's mini cooper. But the view from the top was worth it. Stretched out and enjoyed my hard-earned compression sleeves, courtesy of Rev3 and Compressport as one of the many goodies received for my Rev3 win! :)

The next day I biked around the lake and explored the area even more but no more climbing or cliff-jumping before I headed back to DC...

Last up... the PowerBar-mobile!