making the rounds

there are no words. andrew starykowicz's UAE horror story from the abu dhabi tri

LOVE: jesse thomas' "bieber zombie mode" at rev3 quassy

kelly williamson on toughing out a rough day at quassy

lastly, quassy from a different perspective: run course lead biker

gem: "pace bunnies"

a day in the life of rinny: part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4

in memory of freeskier sarah burke: the light that will not go out

"the best job": love this mom-focused, olympic-themed P&G commercial

jordan rapp, eloquent as ever

twenty rules of life and triathlon

cool youtube channel by pair of extreme runners

fantastic feature on simon whitfield

another horrible running tragedy- prayers for the family and how to stay safe out there

slate on long-distance running

infographic: TDF doping matrix

that's bananas: bananas > gatorade

crotchfest 2012: HILARIOUS but PSA: do not eat and read this one

high dive: beautiful photography

random but: the lost tributes of the hunger games

the story of sam wiggins, rescued pup

physiology vs psychology in the effects of hot temps

olympic outfits (GBR is my fave of the group)

improving long course bike speed

hilarious craigslist add for used yoga mat

swim strokes: paddle vs. propeller

"I've had to learn through experiences not to be afraid to fail. you don't know what the future holds for you. You can hope your dreams come true, but you have to be fearless. I don't want to look back and think, What if?" - Nastia Lukin