on tap: knoxville

my bags aren’t packed, the laundry’s not done, trainingpeaks is still not updated and work emails have gone unanswered,

(and, oh sh*t, i haven’t sent my race plan to my coach – just realized that).


READY OR KNOX, here i come!

okay, okay, i blatantly stole that from a miss alyssa godesky but i couldn’t help myself. to say i’m excited for Rev3 knoxville would be an understatement. i am stoked! the last few weeks—in work, in training, in life in general—have defaulted to hunker down and just get through it mode so this long weekend should be a much-needed race vacay.

the good thing is that the training done in the past three weeks since my debacle of a race has been nice and consistent, including a full day out on the eagleman course, some solid long runs and a long 3-hour trainer ride inside to escape the gross weather.

tomorrow morning, bright and early, i will be hopping in the car to drive the 8-hours from DC to asheville, NC (seven-and-half if i’m speeding, ten if i’m hydrating as much as my coach suggests i should). in asheville, i’ll be staying with my parents and spending friday night at a big birthday soiree for some family friends (including two who were "celebs" in the hunger games), but otherwise it's a nice and calm layover stop to spread out driving time.

then saturday morning it’s an early leave to skeedadle over to knoxville to meet all of the peeps i’ve been emailing, tweeting and reading about for the past 5-6 months. yes, in. real. life. again, can you see why I’m so excited?!?

we’ll be foggling and trisliding people at the race-site swim practice and then i plan to go test out the perfect-sounding 66-degree tennessee river, before my pre-race swim, spin and run.

finally, the best news ever, a sneak peek of the team rev3 race kits (stolen from @wynnphotography, currently on scene in knoxville):

now i'm off for a final swim, following by a packing extravaganza and download of the pilot app. not enough hours in the day but i'm okay with that!

woo hoo!