making the rounds

rickshaw beauty (no, not this.)

the 10,000 hours debate

sit, stay.... (food on my dog tumblr)

and another silly dog-blog

intrigued by specialized-lululemon female cycling team

kacie & crew absolutely dominated her DOUBLE ironman!

only a few days left to get your name in the Ulman raffle hat for laura's slew of training goodies, for jen's swag bag or for heather's REV3 SPARKLE SUIT!

get psyched for your next road race

getting started in triathlon, by hillary biscay

usat on consistency in training

amazing story of recovery and rebound

good comeback tips from another mother runner (and good tips in general)

gucci gucci, louis louis, fendi fendi, prada

or maybe you just prefer steel petal wheels

(or even the penn creation, a fixie/freewheel hybrid)

awesome green grocery delivery service for DC folks

how will you measure your life?

and if you haven't heard: this weekend is daylight savings! boo on the lost hour (eh... guess leap day gave us 24 to spare) but excited to have more light in the evenings. get ready to enjoy it, y'all!