be my valentine

for all those with sweethearts out there still looking for a last minute idea for valentine's day, might i suggest some tri-swim? it's not as awkward as giving your honey tri-slide, and will keep them smelling, feeling and looking nice (what we all look for in a relationship, right?). SBR Sports is running a deal through the end of the month that gives you a sweet 20% off their triswim products if you use the code triswimval12. for ladies out there, i can assure you that this product is not too "minty" for any of your boy toys. it's nice and subtle and, unlike most other products, works by actually getting rid of the chlorine, not by overpowering it with some perfume-y scent. trust me, last thing we all want is a boy who smells like sephora.

or, if you're like me and part of the lonelyhearts club, treat yourself to some (i'm partial to the shampoo and body wash) and maybe you'll increase your odds that next year's valentine's day won't include an ironic bachelor-themed drinking game party with your fellow single gal pals (yep, that's what I'll be doing next tuesday).

anyways, with just over a week to go, you have just enough time to order for the goodies to arrive before valentine's day–and the sweet deal runs through the entire month for february so might as well stock up!