sucker for the trainer

ah, the age old debate: trainer or outside? might have to pro con pro this dilemma.


  • pro: climate controlled, new super comfy saddle,, no stopping or downhills to affect effort or intervals, able to maintain consistent pace, in-case-of-emergency trislide handy, less dirty laundry (sports bra & tri shorts), unlimited H20
  • con: no downhills, not getting to go fast, no real excuse to rock any of my sweet gear.
  • pro: less likely to deviate from the program.


  • pro: going FAST!, big hills (up or down), people to chase, scenery, escaping my teensy and currently messy studio, getting a read on speed.
  • con: traffic & cars, big hills (up), chilly, i shouldn't be chasing people at this point in training, no music or entertainment.
  • pro: getting to go fast!

i'm sure there are more but my laziness efficiency might make this easier: i don't really want to deal with switching out the rear tire and i'm pretty sure my only pair of long cycle pants are currently dirty. any other favorite pro/cons out there?