i've been punished...

for having too much fun during a training/life overload last weekend. i started noticing it saturday but dismissed the signs and kept pushing—through workouts and a night out—and ended up with a bout of bronchitis and a few days stuck in bed. in fact, yesterday i "napped" from 4pm-11pm, woke up for a few minutes, only to fall back asleep until 11am today. is 17 hours of sleep normal? wait—don't answer that. fortunately, this recharge must have been what i needed since i'm starting to see the finish.*

but was last weekend worth it? oh yeah.

friday night i stayed in and knocked out a good swim set after work. the main set included two 1000s with varying efforts throughout. kind of like a fartlek in the pool. both were right around 15-minutes, which means my swim has been steadily improving. always a good sign!

and then saturday morning was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. i joined mike from the rev3 adventure crew and a prospective rev3 adventure team member to bike some trails in virginia. it had been a while since i had been off-roading but it was a blast. i might have almost careened off the trail a time or two (okay, maybe more like 7 or 8!) but i was wahooo-ing the entire time. thank heavens i didn't wreck the sweet (borrowed) gary fisher mountain bike i was riding... especially since it belonged to a certain Charlie of Rev3 fame... shhh! don't tell him! :)

i was a total newbie compared to some of the other bikers out there but managed to hold my own everywhere except for the curvy descents. it was definitely such a different feel from road biking, from the weight of the bike (made my felt feel like a feather) to the slower speeds and more aggressive posture. at times i could feel my bike wheels skidding out on the gravel and had to slow down to a crawl since i didn't want to take any chances with my overly-concussed-head. even with the close calls, white knuckles and eyes tearing up from the cold air, i was grinning like a maniac on some of the curves and rollers and the ride had me itching to do some more trail racing. and, of course, now i'm thinking about adding a rev3 adventure race or xterra triathlon to my already-jam-packed 2012 schedule.

after a morning of riding, i spent the next few hours tracking down a craigslist seller to pick up a new commuter bike for heading to and from work. i picked it up, got home and then hopped back on the trainer for a long ride followed by a short run. the weather has been indecisive so for the short run i was actually able to cruise out in shorts and a tee. in the middle of january!

i went out for a friend's birthday on saturday, had one too many margarita's and then stayed out too late. i felt myself paying for it the next day as i started to lose my voice, gain a cough and feel all-around miserable. still, i pushed through with a long run on sunday, swim on monday and then another run tuesday morning. and then wham - wednesday i could barely function. i'm still struggling with the fine line of feeling lousy and feeling bad enough to pull the plug on training. and, again, when to actually start back again. it's definitely a fine line. hopefully my sleep coma was enough to recharge and i'll be able to test the waters tomorrow and over the long weekend.

for now, i'll just stay inspired with this insane downhill mountain bike video:


*please note: any typos, grammatical errors and/or crazy phrases brought to you by tylenol's extreme cold and flu formula. achoo!