two thousand and eleven

this was the year i....

survived my first full calendar year out of college

movin’ on up: two promotions at my company

started this thing called “blogging

second time I made it to mile 20 of marathon training… before getting injured

sold my road bike, bought a tri bike.

did some PT and then mustered up a "quarter-marathon"

raced in my hometown for 4th place female OA

started working with a fabulous coach

got run off the road by a car (still feeling that one)

hosted a professional triathlete at my apartment

boot and rally fun at the DC triathlon

my first time living all. by. my. lonesome.

went to san fran, met julie moss and loved every second of it.

launched 400+ users on a frustratingly-complex salesforce instance

accidentally bandited a beer-mile

road-tripped to vermont for USAT nationals

ran my 3rd triathlon of the year featuring a cancelled swim

pr'd a few times at the olympic distance: 20:58 swim leg at peasantman, 1:05 bike-leg and 45:18 run-leg at Nation's... now if only i can now put them all together and speed up my run (2:15ish sounds nice!)

hosted a baby shower

became an aunt to baby v.

crushed the blue ridge mountains

discovered my pinterest obsession

joined the incredible, incomparable rev3 family

swam 61,800 yds, biked 498 miles, ran 263 miles and bricked/raced 94 miles, according to TrainingPeaks*

made some big plans for 2012

*note: only includes may-dec numbers and doesn't include my luxurious sept-nov off-season and occasional lapses in garmin judgement. next year that number is going to be WAY higher. :)