hot, hot, hot!

the other day it popped up in my facebook mini-feed that one of my coworkers had recently been to costa rica. intrigued, i clicked into the photo album and started clicking through. halfway through the album, i nearly fell out of my chair when i saw this short little guy posing in one of the photos, with a bright blue Rev3 R plastered across his t-shirt. well, i asked my coworker about the trip and with a little sleuthing, we found out that he had stayed in the exact resort that we will be looping around during the run course of the Rev3 costa rica race in march. what are the odds!?


to be honest, i hadn't thought a ton about the trip or race yet, other than the fact that it was going to be an amazing, beautiful and fun experience and that i'll finally get to meet a handful of the crazy folks i've be emailing back-and-forth with past few weeks. so i was a little surprised when he mentioned three things:

  • "you could bike this road to go visit this beach up north but it's super hilly. in fact, there are a lot of hills in the area." cool, okay, i like hills but this means i'll just have to kick my own butt a little earlier in the season than normal.
  • on the swim course: "oh yeah, we went stand-up paddleboarding there. i think the guy said the sharks don't go into the cove, so you should be safe there."  cue the jaws theme and my brother teasing me when we used to go to destin in florida...
  • "how are you training for the heat?" huh. hadn't thought about that. but since he did bring it up, and since groupon kindly dropped a deal in my inbox for hot yoga this AM, I figured it wouldn't hurt to try:

previously, i had thought about signing up for a few bikram classes at a studio near my apartment, which would be a lot hotter and challenging... but also far more mind-numbing. not a lot of variation in bikram. i was a frequent bikram-er during my lululemon days and just don't think I can put up with it any more.

as for other ways of coping with the heat, i might start adding in visits to the gym sauna a few times a week to help build up a tolerance and maaayyybe even run occasionally with a few extra, uncomfortable layers on some of my shorter runs. so far those have been the best pieces of advice from a slowtwitch thread, an NIH study/article and the best source (both because i'm biased and because it really was the most helpful found in my search), an article provided by Rev3 specific to last year's costa rica race.

usually, i figure my deep-south born-and-raised self can grin and bear it thanks to surviving a childhood of 103* cross-country races and AAU summer track in muggy new orleans, but i kind of want to go into this race prepared. does anyone else have any good suggestions or ideas?