Maggie Rusch

Professional Triathlete

Biking the Blue Ridge

There are few places I love more than the Blue Ridge Mountains. I grew up hiking, kayaking and biking there and go back at least once every summer. This year, however, was the first time I brought my road bike for a whole new experience.

I parked at one of the park stations and set off, no real destination or mileage in mind. Just me and the Blue Ridge parkway. And hills. Lots and lots of hills. This was “supposed” to be an easy ride but I couldn’t help myself. I trucked up the hills and let myself fly on the downhills. It was almost even chilly thanks to the shady coverage.


I stopped and took photos—something I don’t often do during regular rides—mostly because every single turn revealed yet another breathtaking view, from an overpass with a view straight to Tennessee...

to a bird's eye view of the French Broad River...

and even some of your more "colorful" sights: the local Conceal Carry offer (only $55?!)

and whatever "Mudluscious Pottery and Poultry Alive!" means...

John Denver got it right: Almost Heaven. Happy to consider it (a second) home.

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