Triathlon Emergency!!!

That was the title of an email I jotted off to my dad the moment I learned that today was the first day of Eagleman registration. I spent the next ten minutes, impatiently flipping through the Tricolumbia site, annoyed that he hadn't responded to my high importance email within seconds of receiving it.

He would later get back to me with a two-sentence email, something about a more interesting location, but I had already dropped the $275 and emailed my coach--no turning back.

So, it looks like this winter should be filled with chilly S-B-Rs as I build up my base and get prepped for my - wait for it - very first half-Ironman!! I'm sure I'll regret this come February, when my mileage starts to ramp up (both out in the toe-numbing cold and on the mind-numbing trainer) but I already know that it will be totally worth it come race day.