Pre-5150 with Chris Lieto

So I'm home this weekend for the inaugural 5150 triathlon in New Orleans! More on that later, but this morning, I woke up early, got in my pre-race workout, and then drove across the lake for a last minute bike tune-up and to pick up packet info/drop off my bike at the race expo. [As an aside, big thanks to Bicycle World who took in my bike at the last minute to make sure everything was tightened and aligned after I put it together post-flight.]

While I was hitting up the expo, I noticed that Chris Lieto was going to be talking in a few minutes so I figured I would hang around and hear what he had to say. The overall turnout was a little disappointing, but the talk he gave was fantastic!

Not only did he speak to some of his racing experience and his personal goal-setting process, but he patiently answered all the questions thrown his way from the crowd. (One favorite: "What's your race strategy tomorrow" - to which Chris tactfully responded that it was between him and his coach - he didn't want any competitors to find out... which was definitely legit, but still funny.)

I loved hearing about his personal racing experiences, particularly the unconventional way he got into triathlon initially. It's always a treat to hear where some of these top pros came from and learn a little bit from their outlook on life, training, and the triathlon community. I also knew nothing of his charity More than Sport so it was nice to learn how he and other fantastic athletes are taking the time to raise money to support children in need all over the world. Check it out; it's a great cause. Overall, I was blown away by Chris and his story, and happy I attended.