My Love/Hate Relationship

... with my physical therapist. I've met with Robert twice now at Sports and Spinal and my conclusions: Love: he's an ultrarunner who is currently a run ambassador for the Lululemon Georgetown store, meaning we had a ton to chat about throughout my session. The Lululemon ambassador photo shoots. The male Lululemon line. How short some of the lulu shorty shorts are for men. The down dog short. Ultrarunning. Western States.

Hate: by the end of my 10-12 sessions, my psoas might just be beat to a pulp. I thought I was tough—massages marketed as "deep tissue" or "only for the brave of heart" are normally like a walk in the me. And I like stretching—on a bad day, I can still rest my palms flat on the floor. But this, getting twisted and pummeled on the PT table was a whole new experience.

To give you an example, the "massage" portion of this included getting deep into the psoas muscle which, like I mentioned before, lived deep within your abdomen, basically alongside your spine and protected behind your thick wall of back muscles and any front/side abs. To get to the psoas, the PT has to "push aside" your outer layer of flesh and then insert his fingers through what might have been my spleen all the way to the kidney area and then dig around to "loosen up" the area. Even though I'm making this sound like a bloody medic scene from Saving Private Ryan, it really did help, especially as I took my now-violated but fresh and limber psoas into other strengthening exercises.

But like I mentioned above, we had plenty to cover.