Nation's Marathon... er, 10K?

Nothing like sprinting to the start of your very first marathon. Well, scratch that. I down-graded the marathon from a full to a half. Well, actually scratch that again. I downgraded the half to a 10K, and then would play it by ear as to whether I would run through to the half. But, I was registered for the marathon and was wearing a marathon bib—so let’s just keep the story at that. I ran the first two miles a little faster than I really should have—frantic because I had gotten on the metro when it opened at 6am and still didn’t make it to the start on time. So, trying to find the right pace groups to run with, I zoomed past the wall to wall crowds. It was also heating up quickly. When the race started, it was a chilly 40-degrees. Within the first ten minutes, however, I was burning up in my long sleeve tee and had stripped to the tee-shirt below, running with the top layer tied around by neck in some weird combination of Superman/school-girl.

Mile 4 my psoas started acting up again so threw in the towel and decided to just finish the 10k. I ran through Dupont, getting energy from the cheering crowds and then pulled off somewhere along Connecticut. I then walked up through Adams Morgan and stopped in the cute café Tryst for a post-run latte. I made it back to the Columbia Heights metro where I had parked my car and drove home. While it wasn’t a full marathon, my achy psoas FELT like I had run one, so I was happy enough to call it a day and go get brunch with my friends to “celebrate.” At least I tried, right?