Good News, Bad News

The Bad News is that my body is just not cut out for marathoning... yet. Using Hal Higdon as my guide, I made it all the way up to 20-miles, knocked down the mileage for a recovery, week and then couldn't make it through the second 20-miler without limping. Knowing that I would probably end up with stress fracture or worse if I pushed through the pain, I've decided to hang up my marathon shoes for yet another year. Instead of running the full Nation's Marathon, it looks like I'm going to have to settle for the half. What I haven't decided is whether or not I'm going to go for a new PR, or just treat it like a training run. We'll see.. The Good News? This means that triathlon season is now underway! Yippee!

I'm looking forward to regularly OD'ing on chlorine in the pool, being a regular on my tri-club's long weekend ride, and getting back on the track. OH how I miss the track.