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Balance / The Working Pro


"You can follow other people’s paths, or you can be brave enough follow your own. Common sense says that reducing your daily work hours should lead to more success in the triathlon world. However, common sense does not reign when it comes to the heart and to overall identity. And so today I choose the path that makes the most sense to me and to my heart."

The Norseman Recap


"I’m proud of the day I had in order to excel on such a brutal course and amazed at the experience, but this lesson—the one of perseverance in the face of adversity—is the thing I’ll treasure most from this experience and something I’ll always have in my back pocket for future races: that deep down, this resilience, this ability to bounce back regardless of the punishing circumstances, is something that no one can ever take or ever challenge."

Ironman Argentina


"In the last few weeks heading into the race, I did a lot of thinking about what it was I got out of triathlon and why I continued to show up to train and race every single day despite not having the bandwidth to do so at a "professional level". I weighed the benefits of being an underdog. I took a different approach than most pros in Argentina: I wasn't "going to work" on race day; I was simply "making the most of my vacation."